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Bihari Satsai

 Bihari Satsai

Author Dr. Shyamsunder Dube
Language Hindi
Size 22 x 28.5 cms; Hardbound
Pages 156
Photos Colour - 31
Price Rs. 440
This art book is based on the compilation of 700 couplets (Dohas) of renowned medieval Hindi poet Bihari, who left an indelible mark on the minds of poetry-loving people. The book also has 31 paintings depicting the moods and meaning of these couplets. These paintings represent different Indian schools of painting, and have been selected out of a number of art works of different artists who got inspired by the poetry of Bihari. The book also contains a detailed note by the compiler which provides comprehensive information on the poet and correlation between couplets and the paintings.

Dr. Shyamsunder Dube is an authority on medieval Hindi literature. He is Head of the Department of Hindi in Sagar University, Madhya Pradesh.



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